Sharing information on 3R in wildlife research

The Norwegian National Committee for the Protection of Animals used for Scientific Purposes invited national committees (NC), 3R centres, authorities and researchers in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, UK, and Norway to an online meeting on 3Rs in Wildlife Research.  The meeting was arranged on February 27, 2024. Link to news item:

The objectives for the meeting were to establish contact for dialogue and exchange of information on best practice in the use of free-ranging wild animals for scientific purposes.   

The participants shared information on various wildlife species used in research, including wild fish.  

Due to the great interest in 3Rs in wildlife research and recognizing that the 3R expertise typically follows the species or group of species, the Norwegian National Committee plans to arrange new meetings that focus on one species group at the time. 

Here we present the shared information so far, categorized into suitable species groups as well as Information from the National Committees and 3R centres. 

Free-ranging terrestrial mammals 

Free-ranging marine mammals (coming) 

Wild birds (coming) 

Wild fish 

The distinction between the use of wild animals for scientific vs management purposes 

Information from the National Committees and 3R centres