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Sharing information on 3R in wildlife research

The Norwegian National Committee for the Protection of Animals used for Scientific Purposes invited national committees (NC), 3R centres, authorities and researchers in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, UK, and Norway to an online meeting on 3Rs in Wildlife Research.  The meeting was arranged on February 27, 2024. Link to news item: https://www.forsoksdyrkomiteen.no/online-meeting-about-3rs-and-best-practice-in-wildlife-research/. The objectives for the meeting […]

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Online meeting about 3Rs and best practice in Wildlife Research

On Tuesday 27th of February 2024 the Norwegian National Committee held an online meeting about 3Rs and best practice in wildlife research.   There were 30 participants, which included representatives from the Norwegian competent authority, Norecopa, the Swedish National Committee and 3R center, the Finish National Committee, NC3Rs in the UK, Danish wildlife researchers and several […]

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